Ethereum is starting to lose wide scale adoption — thanks to a failure to scale, to adopt more secure contract authoring practices, or to out-compete its competitors — and or recent its extremely high gas prices have all been indicators if its imminent collapse. The one thing keeping Ethereum in the bull run is the promise of ETH2.0 which has been plagued by multiple delays.Trading as the 3rd biggest crypto project, the Cardano network with will out perform the Ethereum network in the very near future, however, Cardano has 1 main setback. Cardano does not yet have a decentralized exchange(DEX), which means tokens built on the Cardano network don’t have a native exchange list or launchpad and must rely on centralized exchanges for trade.This will soon no longer be the case, as AdaSwap will be the native exchange that Cardano needs to provide liquidity to projects that create native assets and a thriving ecosystem.

AdaSwap is an ecosystem builder that will be launched on the Cardano network and will help launch the Cardano network. There will be 4 main use cases that will be launched on the AdaSwap platform within the near future followed by exciting RnD initiatives. At the core, the platform will host anAMM (Automated Market Maker) utility that provides decentralized and non custodial market-making for liquidity providers, built and utilized on top of the Cardano blockchain infrastructure. This will be revolutionary based on our own Free Finance Model that will change not only DeFi, but the world.


To achieve an inclusive DeFi ecosystem empowered by a fairer, cheaper and more accessible Cardano based AMM. We will be one of the 1st movers on the Cardano network giving us an advantage and allowing AdaSwap to create a micro ecosystem that will help induct the world into the development and use of the Cardano Blockchain. This will be done through transparency, a public team, strong community involvement, rock-solid tech and our own new market models.


In what is clearly looking like an “Ethereum Killer” market opportunity, we are committed to establishing a thriving Cardano ecosystem that includes a trustless decentralized exchange (DEX) coupled with an ultra-fast gasless automated market maker (AMM). By building a thriving Cardano ecosystem, our mission is to onboard the next wave of crypto users into the DeFi world for a platue of use cases such as: LP providing, Farming, Swapping, a launchpad for new tokens and projects, NFT marketplace and much more!



The AdaSwap token has been successfully launched to the public through 2 rounds of private seed sales. The design embeds in the token an algorithmically right to access revenues and utilities produced by the AdaSwap platform

ADASWAP Platform

The AdaSwap Platform is the software solution that the company will launch. This platform will be used to unlock the full potential of the AdaSwap Token ($ASW). The platform will serve as an access point to the world of DeFi, the Cardano ecosystem and the resulting AdaSwap ecosystem.


The AdaSwap tokens are the base and utility of the ecosystem. With our token we can allow more efficient swaps and do price arbitrages in real-time. Users will use AdaSwap tokens in order to unlock the full potential of our platform. The AdaSwap token will offer the utility of creation which is a vital requirement during ecosystem growth. Above this, the token will have the utility of the Free Finance Model which will create large returns for holders while reducing costs dramatically. Users will be able to experience the hyper financial gain in real time while protecting the price of the AdaSwap token. The AdaSwap tokens are a Cardano Native Token (also known as a Cardano Asset), that makes the AdaSwap token native to the Cardano ecosystem and easily interchangeable with other tokens based on Cardano’s network.

Our Token Utility

Native Token built on the Cardano Network

Exclusive NFT Marketplace Access

Rewards for holders & LP providers

0% swap fees for long-term LP providers

Token & NFT Airdrops to long-term holders

AdaSwap Airdrops System*

*AdaSwap Airdrops System: A new revolutionary protocol to incentivize long-term LP providing, a one-time click will allow some one-sided pools and/or dual-sided pools to accrue high APY rewards of exclusive airdrops.


Our project is set to lead the decentralized exchange AMM market by example in terms of user-friendliness (UI/UX), bringing simplicity and reliability packaged altogether with an efficient product that will focus on creating a seamless and smooth trading experiences, while not compromising on less than the highest security measures and standards.AdaSwap is here to set new standards in the Cardano ecosystem, we plan to roll out new tools that focus on creators in the crypto space making AdaSwap as creator-oriented as possible.Focusing on the creator aspect is an important part of most ecosystems and is easily missed, we plan to bring out tools that would make our project what we like to call:

The Creator Hub of Cardano


Decentralized Exchange


  • Token Swap

  • LP Pools

  • Yield Farming

  • FFM



We will prevent rug pulls and protect the community through secure listings. Key details will be verified such as:

  • Project metrics

  • The team behind it

  • Tokenomics

  • Overview and use-cases

  • Roadmap, updates, and business development

  • Updated development progress

  • Activity and a community overview

  • Community and social channels



We will be rolling out an NFT offering in 2 stages:

  • The creation and launch of our own AdaSwap NFT collection which will be traded on the AdaSwap App

  • An open NFT marketplace for the Launch and trading of NFTs on the Cardano network


AdaSwap Airdrop System

This will be our secondary, revolutionary offering that will create wealth for AdaSwap users.

AAS will be fixed, long-term liquidity pools that users will be able to use. The rewards will be the regular ROI (APR/APY) but will also will receive a bonus through the AdaSwap launchpad helping to create diverse and rich portfolios.



Decentralized Exchange

AdaSwap is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates trades within the Cardano ecosystem in a completely decentralized and non-custodial way. AdaSwap has no order book -- we eliminate all intermediaries, complexity, and cumbersome procedures from the equation, offering users untrammeled freedom to trade without censorship or loss of control over their assets. Initially, AdaSwap will provide an automated market maker that is an adaptation of the model popularized by Uniswap. When an individual or an entity wants to swap two assets, an AMM is like a robot that is always able to quote a price. An AMM uses a mathematical formula to provide traders with an immediate quote based on the current liquidity of a trading pair. How? Crypto owners invest their digital assets to provide liquidity in a liquidity pool. In exchange for providing liquidity, they will earn tokens from the fees the DEX receives. To put it another way, instead of getting a price from an order book, the price is calculated using an algorithm.Users can maintain full control of their tokens and are not required to give up their private keys so that their orders can be logged as they are on a centralized exchange. In this way, decentralization is not just about user privacy but also about eliminating the risk of asset loss in an improbable event of exchange security being compromised. We believe that the ability to adapt to changes in the fast-moving world of crypto is essential. That is why AdaSwap has expedited its development to coincide with the release of new Cardano functionalities. AdaSwap will be facilitating token swaps, ensuring market liquidity, and enabling users to make full use of the network’s capabilities.

The Free Financial Model (FFM)

The DeFi ecosystem came to life through the need to remove the middleman stealing money, even more so the middleman has been thrust unto us by law, requiring us to channel funds through the financial systems for daily utilities such as credit checks or paying taxes. In a regular financial institutes, they exploit this public regulation by adding private bonuses in the form of fees. Such fees include:

Monthly maintenance/service fee

Out-of-network ATM fee

Excessive transactions fee

Overdraft fee

Insufficient fund fee

Wire transfer fee

Early account closing fee

Bottom line

The Defi Model gained popularity because Peer to Peer trading allowed us to gain more control of out monetary value, while the validator was an automated smart contract allowing for pure trade. Although this led to the escape of traditional financial robbery it still allowed for the gain of wealth to the software provider through 2 routes; transaction fees (market standard is 0.3% on a trade) and tokenomics. This means that even when a user is not using the service provider’s platform, a percentage of the wealth can still be claimed by the service provider through the transactions of the native platform token.

Until Now ...

AdaSwap’s FFM will restructure the way users generate and maintain wealth by removing all transaction fees related to the native token AdaSwap on the AdaSwap platform. This will only leave room for tokenomics which will be utilized to fuel the project to new heights. For example, if a user will enter a LP pool there will be no participation fee. Please see the image below that is the standard fee for PancakeSwap, the biggest DEX on the BSC network.

To enter this pool a user will have to pay a 2% performance fee, above this any swap function on PancakeSwap costs 0.3% of the entire trade! We dare to change the norm for financial gain buy removing transaction fees for the use of the AdaSwap token to fuel public adoption. AdaSwap aims for mass public adoption to fuel tokenomic gain as apposed to direct gain for providing a service. We will be the 1st financial institution to offer free and unlimited services. The under lying principle for the Free Financial Model is as follows.

  • We will create a never seen before use case where financial software services are offered for free in a blockchain ecosystem. We will be the 1st market movers for this new concept giving us an advantage while drawing users in due to the lack of competition in the market for a Free Financial Model.

  • Users will see the immediate savings and retention of wealth promoting the use of AdaSwap (the FFM will be exclusive to the AdaSwap Token).
  • The traffic generated by the FFM will lead to good compensation for the AdaSwap company through the tokenomics. AdaSwap aims to increase tokenomic yield by removing fees and encouraging adoption.
  • Our tokenomics are not above market standards! AdaSwap will actualize point 3 through increased market adaption beyond any competing token on the Cardano network.
  • We will continue to create added wealth to AdaSwap users throughAirdrops just for holding AdaSwap!




We are building The AdaSwap Launchpad as the next step for truly interoperable DeFi. A Protocol built for enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment based on the Cardano network. With AdaSwap, decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital cheap and fast. Users will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment and to use assets that go way beyond the current standard which has led to many rug pulls, we will always protect the community. Key details will be verified by the AdaSwap team to ensure that all projects on our launchpad will be safe. Such items we vet for are:

Project metrics

The Team Behind it


Roadmap, updates, and business development

launch block

Overview and use-cases

Updated development progress

Activity and a community overview

Community and social channels

There are two main reasons why promising crypto projects can't raiseenough capital, i.e., poor marketing and investor's fear of scams. Americanshave lost a little over $80 million in crypto scams since October 2020, a1,000% increase from 2019. We will overcome this through our safety netswill providing a vital service for the economic growth of the Cardano network. We are the 1st Cardano launchpad to start the onboarding process.

We Are very excited to announce we will now be accepting applications for the Launchpad!




What is an NFT ? Also known as a Non-Fungible Token, it’s a token that has a limited supply that it’s main purpose in today’s world is to connect and verify original art. The NFT space is already dominating in most areas the crypto world in terms of value and volume in most cases. We are planning a home grown NFT launch to promote AdaSwap. Followers of our social media pages stand a chance to win one out of 10 copies of exclusive NFT artworks.There is a 2 stage launch plan for our NFT project:

  • The launch of our own Graffiti NFT series

  • The launch of the AdaSwap NFT marketplace to allow broad participationfor Buyers and creators alike!

Israel Is renounced for its graffiti scene. Graffiti in Israel was boosted in the early 2000’s largely due to the British artist Banksy, one of the world’s most famous street art artists, who visited Israel & the Palestinian Authorities causing a stir in the local scene. Some pieces of Tel Aviv street art are just well-executed artworks representing the artistic flair of the city while other shave a political or social criticism and can serve as a crash course to Israeli society. We are currently in talks with prominent Artists to bring this unique and handcrafted art to the blockchain for our 1st NFT launch.

NFT UINFT dashboard



AdaSwap Airdrop System (AAS)

This will be our secondary, revolutionary offering that will create wealth for AdaSwap users in conjunction with FFM. This will be linked to the Launchpad to help non active traders to participate in as many launches as possible! AAS will be fixed, long term liquidity pools that users will be able to utilize. The rewards will be the regular ROI (APR/APY), but LP providers will also receive a bonus through the AdaSwap launchpad helping to create diverse and rich portfolios. As per market standard, when utilizing the AdaSwap launchpad the new project will have to pay a small fee, a certain amount of this fee will then be distributed through out the AAS pools in the form of the projects native token. To avoid market manipulation, there will be a locked period for the LP providing pools that participants will have to comply with of in order to receive the Airdrops.

This will be the 1st automated broad application Airdrop mechanism



A valid metric that has started being used by analysist in order to determine the success of an upcoming project is the social following. Initial coin offerings and other types of crypto projects typically have a following of enthusiasts, the bigger the following, the greater the community audit, public acceptance and potential growth metrics. AdaSwap’s success has been through out amazing community and following. We hold a combined 40,709 loyal followers and counting!


25.190 members







AdaSwap has been rated the 3rd most popular project on the Cardano ecosystem as well as listed in the top 20 DEXs by coin98.


AdaSwap has been rated the 3rd most popular project on the Cardano ecosystem as well as listed in the top 20 DEXs by coin98.


Cardano is a blockchain platform for change makers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change. Cardano has a strong focus on sustainability, scalability, and transparency and is a fully open-source project that aims to deliver an inclusive, fair, and resilient infrastructure for financial and social applications on a global scale. It is powered by Ouroboros, the ground-breaking proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

Cardano is the 2nd biggest smart contracts network after Ethereum and is projected by many to become the 1st due to its scalability and green impact on the environment, the smart contracts of Cardano were the most anticipated feature for the past 3 years since its founder Charles Hoskinson has announced that IOHK is working on it.

With smart contracts that have just started rolling out on Cardano on the 12th of September, the first market movers building on Cardano’s smart contracts are the ones that will get a step ahead of the competition.


  • We place a high value on safety. We invite all developers to study our platform once the smart contracts are released. Anyone who may find a flaw in our smart contract, platform, or application and report it will be rewarded.
  • We will hold regular Hackathons to continue advancing our security protocol while giving back to the community
  • We will also hire a 3rd party accredited auditing firm to analyze our smart contacts. A smart contract audit is an extensive methodical examination and analysis of a smart contract's code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is conducted to discover errors, issues and security vulnerabilities in the code in order to suggest improvements and ways to fix them.
  • AdaSwap is not an anonymous team, we interact with the community and believe in transparency.









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