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based on Cardano

Swap, bridge & trade between Cardano-based tokens and stablecoins within seconds.

Let us introduce you to AdaSwap

We are striving to be the first DEX based on Cardano!  Our main goal is to develop tools for creators and users, as well as bringing high-yield staking pools and NFT content through our launchpads and marketplaces.


A sneak peak into AdaSwap token utility and future development plans.




  • Building AdaSwap’s first concept and initial infrastructure.


Lightpaper & Partnership

  • First lightpaper publication, initial UI/UX development.

  • Start of VC and strategic partnership collaborations.


Initialization & recruitment

  • Seed/Private round initialization.

  • Blockchain developers recruitment expansion.


ADANFT Development

  • ADANFT Development & Partnerships.

  • Stablecoin Partership.



$ASW Token Release

  • $ASW Token release to contributors and release to exchanges.

  • AdaSwap protocols, marketing expansion.

  • ADANFT Public launch.



  • AdaSwap DEX – AMM Interface.

  • Community Protocols with DAO Voting.


ADA Launch

  • ADALAUNCH Initial release. (Full Cardano-Based launchpad that will be integrated within AdaSwap).

  • AdaSwap Airdrop System.



  • ADANFT Development & Partnerships.

  • Stablecoin Partership.



Token Bridges

  • Cardano-based token bridges with Ethereum, Casper, BSC based tokens

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Trade at the real exchange rate

Get access to Cardano’s top exchange platform right when it launches!

  • Cheap fees utilized by the Cardano network

  • Staking rewards for ASW token holders

  • Exclusive airdrops of Cardano-based tokens

  • Secure transactions by the largest PoS blockchain

  • Instant swaps and liquidity

  • DAO Governance using ASW tokens

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Get to know the team that make this happen

We are AdaSwap

We’re a hardworking fully remote, diverse team of thinkers, makers, designers, and can-doers, working from all parts of the world. The team behind AdaSwap is actively developing tools for users and creators, bringing high-yield staking pools and NFT content through launchpads and marketplaces.

The global leaders in the industry are on our side!

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